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Alvea Yachts will do the utmost to sell your yacht


Alvea Yachts has an almost 20 years proven record in selling selected yachts all over the world.


We have developed an extremely sophisticated CRM tool, that constantly brings together buyers and sellers from all over the globe.


We advertise your yacht for sale by employing all those advanced marketing ideas, ensuring that your yacht will stand out from the yacht crowd and will be exposed to a large number of potential customers.



You are more than welcome to contact us for discussing about how we can promote effectively your yacht for sale:


mob   +30 6972 505000

fixed   +30 210 6710110

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We use powerful and sophisticated marketing strategy and tools such as:


  • Extensive presence in the top international yachting portals
  • Reach, targeted to your yacht, network of buyers from our large customer database
  • Emphasizing on your yacht’s special features that add to the yacht’s sales value
  • Optimization of your yacht presentation by using classic and 360.jpg images
  • Online analytic reports for the hits and leads that your yacht receives every month
  • Price monitoring: Market analysis of the competition locally and globally for providing vital information about the your yacht's market environment and competitive boats pricing
  • Immediate response to Buyers’ specific worries and assistance for matters such as: legal, surveyors, transportation, maintenance, mooring and other



We Respect Your Yacht

Your yacht is no doubt, one the most precious possessions and a very significant investment.

We want to ensure you that we are doing our best, so that you will receive the best possible price the market can offer you, when the time to sell comes.

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Pre-purchase condition Survey by qualified Surveyors


Once your offer on a yacht has been accepted and a MOA has been drafted by your lawyer signed by both you and the Seller, we advise you to appoint a qualified Surveyor to go over the Υacht and present to you a detailed Pre-purchase Condition Survey Report with all his findings and recommendations


That will, mainly, give you three benefits:


a) You will know the actual condition of the Υacht

b) You will present it to your insurance agents

c) You can present it to a future Buyer, whenever you will decide to sell your Yacht


If you wish we can provide you with a choice of Marine Surveyors that you can contact them directly

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Walkthrough Survey by qualified Surveyors / initial inspection


If you wish to receive an inspection to a yacht you are interested for, but not to proceed to a full Pre-purchase Condition Survey mainly due to the cost of such, we can arrange that for you.


A Surveyor will visit the yacht of your interest and will make a short Inspection in the major areas of the Yacht (around 30 points) such as:



  • Hull, Shafts, Propellers, Rudders, Brackets, Keel (sailing yachts) - provided that the yacht is ashore, otherwise haul out/in costs must be covered


  • Deck, Topsides, Transom, Rails, Mast and Rigging (sailing yachts)


  • Bilges around keel/hull joining area (sailing yachts)


  • Internal Condition


  • Tender and Outboard


  • Navigational electronics


  • Any existing damage


  • Engine room superficial inspection


  • Three other special points requested by the Buyer


  • Around 30 images with points to be considered



He will provide you with a two-three pages report.


If you will decide to purchase the specific yacht, after the inspection and the signing of a MOA, then we advise you to proceed to a full Pre-purchase Condition Survey, as per previous session and ask your Surveyor for a discount!

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The role of experienced lawyers for buying a yacht


We cooperate with yacht legal experts (Lawyers) that can handle all the paperwork for the safe transition of the Yacht’s ownership to you


They will draft the MOA, act as Stakeholders for the down-payment, will check:

  • the validity of the documentation
  • for liens, mortgages, encumbrances
  • payment of all taxes
  • payment of the marina fees
  • payment proof of the EU VAT (if paid)
  • payment of the relevant public authorities such as Seaman fund, Maritime chamber


They will, as well:


  • prepare the Bill of Sale and the Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance
  • be present at the closing of the sale
  • supervise the deletion from the Greek registries
  • issue a Transit Log (DEKPA) if the boat will cruise in Greece or leave through the sea
  • advise you about the new registry, alternative solutions and any other enquiry you may have


We can recommend to you such Lawyers that you can contact them directly

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Yacht: Repairs, refits and upgrades


Our contacts with yachts’ specialists, shipyards and technicians, enable us to assist you in making the right work at the right price for you.


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Yacht maintenance


Experienced yacht owners know that a systematic and professional maintenance of a yacht has many advantages and should not be neglected.
Experience has shown that for a yacht that is not properly maintained the expenses and investments to bring her back in good shape, will be much higher than those of a regular professional maintenance.

The yacht is subject to many factors such as solar radiation, frequent temperature changes, sea saltiness, long standing in or out of water and other.


As a serious and perhaps dangerous event during a cruise should not occur, it is necessary to have all parts of the yacht checked and maintained in good time.


We are at your disposal to discuss with you specific actions that you need to take to maintain your yacht properly and to introduce to you professional craftsmen, shipbuilders as well as marine equipment for your yacht.

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Transporting your yacht


Around 80% of our sales are performed to Buyers coming from almost all over the globe.


Therefore we can assist you in preparing your yacht for transportation, packing or winterize her before you decide the transport her.


We can assist you in spotting the right transporting companies and getting the tools, such as cradles, trailers, tracks or other for shipping your Yacht to the desired destination.


Or you may need a skipper with experienced crew to do that for you - just let us know and we will recommend to you such.

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Yacht insurance


Yacht insurance is a legal obligation in almost every country.


Yacht owners know well that in order to really enjoy a journey, it must be accompanied by a feeling of safety and security.


You might know many things about your yacht, but you should not ignore the risks that may threaten your yacht and you as the owner.


The protection of your large investment in a yacht against loss or damage, which can result to a very costly invoices, should be anticipated. 


And it should not get underestimated that third party liability is usually the most frequent claim received when it comes to boat insurance.



The insurance can cover aspects such as:



Third Party Liability

Bodily injuries, Material damage, Sea pollution according to Law 4256/14


Third Party Liability and Hull & Machinery according to IYC 1/11/85

  • Perils of the seas
  • Grounding sinking
  • Fire
  • Theft of the entire vessel or equipment
  • Losses caused by contact with dock or harbour equipment or installation and with floating or steady objects
  • Towing
  • Malicious acts
  • Lifting or hauling out of vessel
  • Salvage charges
  • Jettison
  • Eathquake volcanic eruption or lightning

Optional coverage 

  • Skipper chartered
  • Transit cl 122
  • Skiers liabilities
  • Racing risks extension for S/Y

Our cooperation with international insurance companies and agents is at your service.


If you wish to insure your yacht, we will recommend to you insurance companies or agents that can provide you with quotes according to your needs and local obligations i.e. age-value-size and engines of the Yacht, type of use, country, cruising waters etc.

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Moorage in Greece


There are 19 marinas operating in Greece with 6,661 berths offering high quality services.
Many of the marinas are awarded the Blue Europe Flags program.


New modern marinas in Greece, hotel ports and moorings for the safe harbor of boats are already in operation or are gradually being put in place to meet the needs of visitors arriving in Greece in the most satisfactory and safest manner possible.





In addition to the berths provided by public or private marinas, the Greek ports can accommodate some 3,000 yachts.

Apart from Piraeus and Thessaloniki, many ports have small and picturesque moorings with all the appropriate equipment.


The piers and breakwaters form safe spaces for the berths of tourist boats, with the corresponding port dues being paid.

Such facilities exist in Mikrolimano of Piraeus, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Nafplio, Gythio, Pylos, Zakynthos,

Ithaca, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxos, Ios, Mykonos, Patmos, Symi, Samos, Plomari, Lesvos, Chios and elsewhere.


Port charges


Commercial ports are supervised by local port authorities. Yachts using such ports are required to pay port dues, which are regulated by regulatory acts of the competent Ministry of Merchant Shipping (YEN). The docking fees are paid to the local Port Authorities in favor of the Port Fund and are calculated on the basis of the class of vessel, the measures of full length, the gross tonnage and the length of stay in the port.




Fuel: Diesel fuel is available to pleasure boats in many ports around the country, mainly by tanker vehicles, with local port authorities (VHF information, channel 12).

Most petroleum companies now have an organized offshore network of oil stations, located on the islands and continents of the country, capable of serving the needs of refueling vessels in any geographical area.

In addition, some of these companies have built special small tankers capable of carrying fuel and tankers, thereby creating floating boat service facilities.

In the country's major ports, fuel is charged at current prices.

In the outermost regions a small charge is added to the cost to cover the extra shipping costs.

Vessels are no longer entitled to transit fuel.

Everybody is obliged to supply diesel fuel, which has the natural pale yellow color of the oil (colorless).


Gasoline: Usually available from gas stations rather than pumps near the waterfront.


Lubricants: Although all types of lubricants are available in Greece, they may not be available in some remote islands.

Therefore, yachts that make extensive voyages should carry with them stocks of the lubricants they need.


Water: For the supply of drinking water, in the marinas of EOT (Greek Tourism Organization) there is an additional burden of 80% on urban consumption charges.

In ports, water is discharged to the waterfront or transported by vehicles. It is recommended to verify the billing price through the port authorities locally.

Because some islands lack water during the summer months and may be difficult to refuel, yacht masters should provide for the conservation of water supplies.


Other refueling - supplies: As for refueling, ice, LPG and other commodities, most of the country's ports are supplied by private individuals or through the regulated networks of petroleum companies (Port Information / 12 VHF).


Repairs: In most Greek coastal areas and near the mainland ports, as well as in those of the larger Greek islands, extensive repairs are carried out and all types of boat services are provided.

In smaller ports and in the more remote small islands, there are opportunities for some medium or small repairs.


Points to be taken into account under Greek law:


1. Private yachts, whether under Greek or foreign flag, are NOT entitled to receive free equipment and supplies such as fuel,

lubricants, feedstocks and other foodstuffs.


2.Tourist professional vessels ARE entitled to receive duty-free fuel only, through the refund procedures of petroleum excise duties, which have proven to be used as fuel for transport purposes.


The relevant legislation, which was recently formulated in the context of harmonizing Greek legislation with European Community policy, may be subject to variations in these matters.

Marina - Location - Number of Moorings - Management

  • NIKOLAOS - Agios Nikolaos, Lassithiou - 250 - MUNICIPALITY
  • KOS, Dodecanese 250 MUNICIPALITY
  • FLOISVOS Athens, Attica 195 Lamda TechnOL Flisvos Marina S.A
  • Glyfada Glyfada, Attiki 780 MUNICIPALITY
  • GOUVIA CORFU Corfu, Corfu 850 PRIVATE - PC
  • KALAMATA Kalamata, Messinia 300 PRIVATE - KYRIAKOULIS SA
  • MANDRAKI RHODOU Mandraki, Dodecanese 115 PORTFOLIO FUND
  • METHANA Methana, Attikis 70 MUNICIPALITY
  • PATRA Patra, Achaia 450 PORTFOLIO FUND
  • PORTO KARRAS Porto Karras, Halkidiki 175 PORTO KARRAS SA
  • PORTO SANI Sani, Halkidiki 100 PRIVATE - SANI SA
  • VOUNAKI Vounaki, Aitoloakarnanias 70 PRIVATE - STACHTIARIS - ACHIMASTOS SA
  • XYLOKASTRO Agios Ioannis, Korinthias 220 MUNICIPALITY
  • KAMMENA VOURLA, Fthiotida 81


Marinas under construction (Locations)


  • ACHILLI Skyros
  • AGIA GALINI Agia Galini, Rethimno, Crete
  • ARGOSTOL Argostoli, Kefalonia
  • CHIOS Castello, Chios
  • IKARIA Lefkada, Ikaria
  • ITEA Itea, Fokida
  • KAMENA VOYRLA Fthiotida
  • KATAKOLO Katakolo, Ilia
  • KIMOLOS Phsathi
  • KYLLINI Kyllini, Ilia
  • LEFKADA Lefkada
  • MALIA Malia, Iraklio, Crete
  • MYTILINI Mytilini, Lesvos
  • PALEOCHORA Paleochora, Chania Crete
  • PIDALI Pidali, Syros
  • PORTO GOUVES Iraklio, Crete
  • PREVEZA Preveza
  • PYLOS Pylos
  • RODOS Sphagia, Rhodes
  • THASSOS Limenaria, Thassos
  • TOURLOS Tourlos, Mykonos
  • ZAKYNTHOS Zakynthos

Source: EOT (Greek Toursim Organization)


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