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alvea management 02Alvea Yachts, founded in 2006, aggregates substantial knowledge and experience to provide “crème de la crème” yacht management services.

We operate in a professional and honest manner, in order to provide all those services that a demanding owner of a yacht would ask for.

Alvea Yachts cooperates with experienced technical, legal and accounting experts that ensure a yacht’s thorough management in every required aspect.


We offer customized service that suit to the specific needs of every yacht and his owner.

Technical management: Will include annual maintenance, regular inspections, upgrades and refits, on the spot solutions, especially during cruising around, registries from accredited organizations, classification requirements, updating of safety equipment, technical advices and numerous additional services.

Registries: We can arrange for first registration, change of registry, change of vessel’s name and other relevant actions.

Crew services: We can recommend to you experienced captains and we will follow up their performance and familiarity with the vessel’s and owner’s requirements. We will recommend to you assisting crew that will comply with the aforementioned requirements.

Financial and accounting matters: We will provide you with analytical reports that will present every required action and will ensure our continuous effort to keep costs in the lower possible level. Our accountants will ensure that all vessel’s obligations, such as taxes and other will be covered in time.

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